Here's some of Bin to Bottle's state of the art equipment.

(We're always buying new toys)

Bin to Bottle consistently acquires the latest and greatest equipment available  to the industry. We are early adopters but we do our research, looking through all the relevant data before we leap.
  • Pre WDO permit - we can accept fruit from any AVA 
  • Permits: 02 Winegrower, 06 Still, 07 Rectifier (RTD Cocktail compliant), 12 Distilled Spirits Importer; Warehouseman and Bottler, 14 Public Warehouse (Drop Ship compliant), 23 Small Beer Manufacturer
  • 194 open and closed top fermenters ranging from 1,000 to 9,000 gallons (all tanks indoors or in fully covered tank farm)
  • Europress T-150HL Closed Press
  • Full service MBF bottling line for all your bottling needs, most sizes and shapes
  • New Bertolaso Multi-Capper capable of Bartop, Screwcap and Crown Cap closures
  • New CODI Canning Line - 6-Head Counter Pressure Filler
  • Multiple Brite tanks to carbonate your beverages
  • Pellenc "2.0" Destemmers
  • P+L Cluster Thrustor and P+L incline sorter
  • We can receive machine-harvested fruit
  • Diemme Presses (6 & 14 tons)
  • Inoxpa must pumps
  • Full service, state-of-the-art wine laboratory
  • DSP permitted facility with in-house alcohol reduction system
  • Diemme Direct Flow Filter (low pressure, great for aromatics)
  • Crossflow Filtration
  • Sweet Spotter
  • Nitrogen generation
  • Plate and frame filtration
  • 3 Tom Beard barrel washing systems and ozonated water
  • Blue Morph UV Sustainable Waterless Sanitation
  • Large format R/O water production for all your beverage needs
  • Fully sprinkled and protected by a central station fire and burglar alarm system
  • Environmentally sensitive with a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant and low flow water consumption system & protocols
  • A 25,000 sq. ft. solar powered, humidity and temperature controlled barrel storage building
  •  500 sq. ft. beautifully appointed tasting room available to all clients free of charge
  • Winemaker Concierge service
  • Daily ATP testing of all equipment
  • 80/20 grower program
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